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Why 75% of traders are using trading algorithms
Complex trading made simple.

Our research indicates that traders are influenced by emotion and instinct, while the limits of the human brain and body mean people can only trade at a certain speed and frequency. Our software eliminate these human failings by using a forex robot that carry out trades based on instructions tailored to a range of scenarios. Read more

No emotion
First rule in trading
Never let your emotions get in the way whilst trading. This is the no.1 reason why traders lose money.
Trade 24/5
Also when you sleep
A forex robot finds trades for you day and night without any effort from your side. Save time and stress.
Adjust risk settings
Make sure the robot does what you want
Our partner EA developers can adjust your preferred risk setting without additional costs.
No manual order errors
wrong lot size, over leveraging etc.
Even the best manual traders make mistakes with sending orders. A robot prevents you from doing this.
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“Machines Took Over the Stock Market. Next Up, Bonds & Forex”

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How it works
No experience? It takes four steps to automate your trading
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Forex robot trading introduction
Better safe than sorry
Is Robot trading rocket science? No, but still it has some important pitfalls you should know about After signing up for a demo, our robot trading experts will inform you about the pros and cons of automated trading and we try to select the robot that fits best to your risk appetite. We emphasize to set realistic targets.
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Demo testing
See the algorithm in action
In case we do not have a track record available of one of the EAs you prefer, you can test them in a demo account for 30 days for free.
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Weigh the pros and cons of automated trading
We don't ask you to take any overnight decision before automating your trading. Our dedicated support team will answer all your questions to make the experience as easy as possible.
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Open trading account
Our preferred broker FormaxPrime
Your account will be held in a segregated account with an FCA regulated broker FormaxPrime. This broker works with an agency model which means they have no conflict of interest. With over 208.000 accounts they are one of the larger brokers and our clients benefit from their prime spreads and fee structure. Our support team will help you with the account opening and the installation process of the trading software.
Our forex robot features
Start as low as $3,000 - No experience needed - Free demo testing
What our clients say
Sayi WaHazviJack Chuang
I have been using the Acceleration Ea for almost 3 months and I am really impressed, more than 200% profit. I work long hours during the week so I don’t have time to trade , the EA is ideal for me , as long as one is not greedy by over leveraging and you are patient and let the EA do it’s thing, you will find yourself with a lot of profit
Sayi WaHazvi
Have been using many robots in the last years and I trade the Longbow EA with the H1 and M15 settings. This system needs time and since it uses very good risk settings i am very comfortable with it. Support is great and I can recommend it to those who are not looking for the holy grail but want to simply make good profits with low risk settings.
Jack Chuang
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