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Best forex EA we have seen so far

How many times have you said to yourself ” im gonna quit trading ” ? More than twice? Well, do not be ashamed, I told myself at least five times. But every time I returned with a better strategy, a better trading plan and sometimes a different forex brokers. Did it help? Not really, I started to realize that the forex markets are simply too fast and complicated for me in order to make trading profits. This article will be written about my personal experience about the best forex ea that is listed on this website.


best forex ea

best forex ea in the last 12 months

I would like to point out two of the best performing forex ea’s last year and luckily many of our clients will agree with me. The two best forex ea strategies are the Worthy FX and the Piphiker EA. Both forex strategies performed extremely well with an average of 50% profit in the last six months. Even Warren Buffet would be impressed.

What is nice about these two strategies is that are each others opposite. Where the Piphiker EA builds a grid using hedge features, the Worhty FX trades not often, but if it trades you can easily make 25% in a single trade. Therefore many clients opt for a combo account where they trade both EAs at the same time. This works from about $6000.

So what is their secret?

worthy fx trader ea boxWorthy FX is the best forex ea for those trades that like sophisticated money management settings. Basically this forex EA trades a few times per month and only trades the EURGBP pair. That is a smart choice, since this currency pair retraces a lot and shows good volatility. Around market closing this expert advisor enters limit orders based on the swing trading principle. Take profits are set at 300 pips and the SL is trailed. So the bigger the move the bigger your profit.



Piphiker EAPiphiker EA is the opposite. It trades almost immediately from the moment you start it. Obviously many traders are attracted to this system, simply because this is what most people expect from robot trading. Besides building a grid this EA (as many grid strategies) uses hedging to make the system more stable.  The trick with this strategy is to pick pairs that are ranging. Currently the most traded pair must be the GBP. Brexit is the perfect situation for the GBP pair to range.


I have no experience with EAs

Join the club. Most of my clients are either completely novice trades or lost money with manual trading. This post is not to show you how to become rich with forex trading but only to draw attention to strategies which we consider as the best forex ea’s from the last year. We have many clients that can concur. So in order to make that final leap, you will need to consider if you are wiling to let a forex ea run your account. If you are reluctant of doing so you can consider a MAM account, where a team of traders is running the same robots. Just ask yourself how much profit you really make with forex trading and if this is worth the time and effort you put in to it. Not for no reason the number of signal providers, money managers surged over the last decade. Forex traders need help!

An other option could be to first try an MT4 indicator. We have found the best and some of them can provide you with the a solid trading plan.

Exactly that is my mission, to make forex traders realize that trading is basically an expensive hobby if not approached professionally. Feel free to contact us in case you want to know more about automated forex trading or check out the live forex robot reviews.

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