Best MT4 Indicators in 2019 – Top 5

Best MT4 Indicators in 2019 – top 5

MT4 Indicators are at least as popular as forex robots and most probably will make you a better trader. Whereas the lazy trader (aren’t we all?) prefers to use a forex robot the more active and manual trader prefers to use an mt4 indicator. I tried to make a selection of some interesting mt4 indicators that you might find interesting.

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So what are MT4 indicators?

Where a forex robot operates within the popular MetaTrader4 trading platform fully automated, an indicator will only tip off on good entries and exits. However, it is still a trading algorithm.  Therefore you need to manually enter each trade, since an indicator won’t do that. Many traders consider this as a great advantage as they keep full control over their account.

Developers that create indicators mostly use the common indicators, however give it a twist to make it even more useful. For example, a Simple Moving Average is a typical used indicator for forex traders, but a developer can add a “cross” to trigger a buy suggestion. As most expert advisors, most indicators are adjustable.

how should i use mt4 indicators?

The biggest pitfall of a customized mt4 indicator is the learning curve. After all, you still need to enter all your trades manually. It is therefore very important to know how the indicator works. On this website there is most likely a video with an explanation, but you can of course always contact us.

What are the best indicators?

As you are used to our opinion about any EA or Indicator, we cannot speak of “the best or worst indicator”. Let me try to sum up a few very interesting indicators which we offer for free that will provide you with a good trading plan.


Forex Indicators are as popular as forex robots. Once you master how the indicator works its fun and most definitely a good idea! Most traders end up with a better performance. Make sure you complete the learning curve and if needed just trade the indicator in a demo account.

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