Break Out

price action champ
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Quick facts
Risk profile
from 1 to 100
Profit per year
from 1 to 1000%
from 1 - 100%
Max Drawdown
from 1 - 100%
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This expert advisor is perfect for traders that follow price action strategies especially when a price breaks out of a range. The algorithm uses multiple entries each with a stop loss, trailing stop and take profit and users can therefore create the most sophisticated money management settings. Users are able to adjust number of entries, stop losses, take profits, trailing stops, lot size, accumulators which makes this EA a very very suitable for manual traders who recognize the problems of trading in multiple pairs when markets are moving rapidly with a high volatility. Even whilst trading you are able to adjust settings. Iforexrobot will constantly monitor the settings and inform users about improvements.

The EA trades in the currency pairs AUD.JPY, AUD.NZD, EUR.AUD, EUR.USD GBP.USD JPY.USD in time frames M5, M15, M30 and H1.

The live track record is rather new so we do offer this EA in a 30 day demo version to test drive it.

  • Uses stop loss
  • Adjustable lot settings
  • Used by live traders
  • from $2,000
  • maximum historical draw down: 3%

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