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Forex robot reviews June 2019
Forex robots do NOT have a long lifespan, so why pay for them? We offer the best deals for all forex robots in the market.

Forex robot reviews – monthly updated! The featured strategies all trade in live accounts. By clicking on the chart you will be directed to either myfxbook or fxblue for a verified track record. Did you know that some EAs can be fully adjusted to minimize the risk to less than ten bucks a trade? Our team is more than happy to support you all the way. Just contact us for any question.

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  • 32% profit per month
  • total revenue: 601%
  • max DD 34%
  • minimum investment $1500


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  • 20% profit per month
  • total revenue: 109%
  • max DD 24%
  • minimum investment $2500

Enigma Strategy

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  • 7% profit per month
  • total revenue: 1%
  • max DD 5%
  • minimum investment $5000
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  • 10% profit per month
  • total revenue: 65%
  • max DD 16%
  • minimum investment $3000
worthy fx trader ea box

Worthy FX Trader

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  • 21% profit per month
  • total revenue: 14%
  • max DD 3%
  • minimum investment $1500
August Forex Golem EA box

August Forex Golem EA

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  • 46% profit per month
  • total revenue: 224%
  • max DD 3%
  • minimum investment $10000
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  • 6% profit per month
  • total revenue: 12%
  • max DD 5%
  • minimum investment $500
Hi Tech ea

Hi Tech Trader EA

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  • 18% profit per month
  • total revenue: 986%
  • max DD 10%
  • minimum investment $10000
Smart Forex Trading EA box

Smart Forex Trading

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  • 33% profit per month
  • total revenue: 460%
  • max DD 9%
  • minimum investment $10000
xxl forex real profit ea box

XXL Real Profit EA

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  • 25% profit per month
  • total revenue: 352%
  • max DD 26%
  • minimum investment $5000
advanced scalper ea

Advanced Scalper EA

my fxbook
  • 4% profit per month
  • total revenue: 396%
  • max DD 25%
  • minimum investment $3000
Forex robot reviews
Below you can find and filter the performance of each EA using the the top bar selector. Read the forex robot reviews and how it works or contact us in case you have any questions.
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StrategyInvestmentMonthly gain in %Last month in %Last 3 months in %DD in %More info
Z Trader EA$1500356.4%21.4%35%Reviews
Yellow Expert Advisor$300069.35%8.61%5%Reviews
XXL Forex real profit EA$15002012.7%54.4%50%Reviews
XeXa FX EA$100007521.9%84%35%Reviews
Worthy FX Trader EA$200015-6.8%21.2%10%Reviews
Wallstreet Forex Robot$20002---Reviews
Volvox Trader EA$500070%090%Reviews
Vader Forex Robot$500010---Reviews
Twin Maxed Mix DC$500082.58%7.81%47%Reviews
Twin Hedge DC EA$500073.13%11.79%33%Reviews
TSFX EA$5000712.63%63%50%Reviews
True or Dare Turbo EA$100002512.25%23.6430%Reviews
Trend Mystery EA$20004---Reviews
Traffic Pro EA$30002036.73%96.35%44%Reviews
Torque V12 EA$1500010---Reviews
The Ultimate Trader EA$500084.51%18.28%33%Reviews
SZ Scalper EA$300051.87%5.28%32%Reviews
Steve EA$500025---Reviews
Star Trader EA$300021.18%1.8%6%Reviews
SSA Grid EA$50002515.13%39%55%Reviews
Smart Forex Trading Ultimate EA$1000010031.8%10835%Reviews
Smart Forex Trading EA$30002512.2%33.9%50%Reviews
Shutterstock EA$30008---Reviews
SFE price action EA$50008-3.6%-3.86%25%Reviews
Sapphire EA$30008---Reviews
Ramo Bomb EA$500088.45%14.36%12%Reviews
Quick Scalp Trader EA$200010---Reviews
Quatron EA$50008---Reviews
Profit FX EA$300010---Reviews
Prince FX EA$10000100 %015%Reviews
Price Track EA$300025---Reviews
Price Action EA TX12$50010---Reviews
Powerful Forex EA$1500100%-845%Reviews
On Control EA$5000122%4%65%Reviews
NY Close Scalper EA$500043.48%0.64%5%Reviews
Night Owl EA$200045.%-4%90%Reviews
News Robot MT4$30008---Reviews
Money Pile EA$400015---Reviews
Max Mixed Hedging EA$3000154%18%40%Reviews
Marti Grid EA$300050.18%4%20%Reviews
Life Changer EA$500020---Reviews
HI Tech Trader EA$5000205.4%1.4%30%Reviews
Hentak FX EA$5000150%05%Reviews
Happy Gold EA$400041%1310%Reviews
Hamster Scalping EA$100010---Reviews
Grid Master Pro$500015---Reviews
Grid King EA$800061.5%13%21%Reviews
Grid Hero EA$300052.66%5.41%35%Reviews
GPS Forex Robot$200031%232%Reviews
FXEURGRID EA$3000102%1720%Reviews
FX Stabilizer EA$2500 33.54%10%35%Reviews
FX Stabilizer EA Turbo$2500101%4%23%Reviews
FX Proud EA$50008-26%-24%30%Reviews
FX Oxygen EA$15007-8%-7%40%Reviews
FX Hunter EA$50002.20.3%3%20%Reviews
FX Helix EA$200015---Reviews
FX Goodway EA$2500185%2240%Reviews
FX Ekspert EA$400040-29%-48%60%Reviews
FX Diverse EA$1000021%2%35%Reviews
FX Charger EA$1500179%25%45%Reviews
FX Charger EA Full$1500190.5%6%25%Reviews
FX Adept EA$25009-2%-10%40%Reviews
Funneltrader EA$150010%2%50%Reviews
Franko Scalp EA$250015-1%15%20%Reviews
Forexrobotron EA$5000154%13%25%Reviews
ForexBot 28 EA$500040%1%25%Reviews
Forex Star Premium$300010---Reviews
Forex Spectre EA$15006-10%31%65%Reviews
Forex Scalp EA$4000120%030%Reviews
Forex Robot Dave$500025---Reviews
Forex Real Profit EA$20001-1%1%30%Reviews
Forex Pulse Detector$400041%3%51%Reviews
Forex Profit Defender EA$3000----Reviews
Forex Kore EA$5000285.3%59%50%Reviews
Forex in Control EA$200085.8%16.3%40%Reviews
Forex Gold Investor EA$500010---Reviews
Forex Fury EA$5000124%40%35%Reviews
Forex Flex EA$500051.47%6%25%Reviews
Forex Factory News EA$25005-31%-4%-35%Reviews
Forex Earth Robot$3000200%56%26%Reviews
Forex Diamond EA$200053%9%28%Reviews
Forex Cyborg EA$150040%0%20%Reviews
Forex Combo System EA$30006-0.5%3.5%30%Reviews
Forex Armor EA$5000300%14.5%25%Reviews
Exreign Forex EA$500070.6%12.812%Reviews
EOS Forex EA$20004-4%-6%30%Reviews
Enzo EA$500015-11%-15%30%Reviews
Econ Power Trader$500050---Reviews
Easy Walker FX EA$2000102%11%30 %Reviews
Swing Profit EA$300061.4%-9.740 %Reviews
Dragon Expert FX$500018---Reviews
Dark Personal Grid EA$30002533%65%40%Reviews
Crypto Trading Advisor EA$50005040%12555%Reviews
Covert FX EA$2000200%055%Reviews
Correlates EA$300010---Reviews
Buy and Hedge EA$500053.6%3.63.6%Reviews
Bitcoin EA Scalper$50001000%426100%Reviews
Big Ben Time EA$150090%1%50%Reviews
Best Scalper EA$300015---Reviews
Benefit EA$500020---Reviews
AW Recovery System$30008---Reviews
August Forex Golem EA$3000406%41%55%Reviews
Asmani Pro EA$300018---Reviews
Asia Scalper Pro EA$300010---Reviews
Aqua Forex Trading EA$400062.3%59%30%Reviews
AlgoTradeSoft Innovative EA $30005---Reviews
Aeron EA$30001014%17%10%Reviews
Advanced Scalper EA$150056%11%30%Reviews
Active Candle EA$300058.7%8.7%-1%Reviews
1000Pip Climber System$300010---Reviews
All Nighter EA$300051.78%-17%20%Reviews
Samurai Scalper Pro Series EUR EA$50005-1%2%15%Reviews
Pump and Dump EA$5000153%14%29%Reviews
Brazil System Premium EA$50001029%33%20%Reviews
Marauder EA$50008---Reviews
Pattern Trader Pro EA$500010-5%0%15%%Reviews
EA Black Start Premium $30008---Reviews
FXnode Fast Grabber EA$300010---Reviews
Breakthrough Strategy EA$3000710%52%30%Reviews
For You EA$250010---Reviews
Nightwalker EA$500061%5%5%Reviews
StoneBreaker EA$50001541%103%45%Reviews
FX Money Monster EA$50008---Reviews
Maximum Scalper EA$30008---Reviews
Bumblebee FX Pro 2.0$50008---Reviews
FX Voodoo EA$5000639%30%Reviews
* last updated 31/5/19
* next update 30/10/19
* all listed EAs are trading in live accounts except when you see “-“


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