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Hybrid PA – a price action / scalping strategy

Meet the Hybrid PA strategy. This Price Action / Scalp EA is perfect for those who want to get experience with robot trading but still need some conviction that it works. We designed a free forex robot that does not require a VPS and the only thing you need to do is to switch it on when the trading sessions start. For example, in the UK you can enable the EA at 8am. Click here for more information about price action trading.

What does the EA do?

This trading strategy enters trades when markets show a sudden increase in volatility and price action. In other words, when markets are starting to accelerate this EA reacts. Basically it trades exactly how price action traders act. It places take profits, a stop loss and a trailing stop so each trade you know exactly how much you are risking. As extra feature we made all money management settings hidden, so that LPs and or brokers cannot see your stop loss levels. For more information click here.

Free Forex Robot Offer:

  • Open a live account and fund it with at least $1,000
  • Trade at least 3 lots
  • Receive a negative balance deposit up to $100 in the first month

For example:

If you use this free forex robot and your account balance would go from $1200 to $1000 within a month, we refund you $100. So in case you trade with a lot size of 0.1 you get 10 trades completely RISK FREE !

  • this free forex robot offer applies only if no manual trades have been executed
free forex robot

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