How to Prevent Stop Loss Hunting

what exactly is stop loss hunting and how to protect yourself

Stop loss hunting is the easiest way for brokers, but more likely liquidity providers to take your money. And the good part is; you will not even notice. Specially for newbie forex traders i recommend to read this article that will help you to protect your account against stop hunting brokers or LP’s.  

I will write about the following topics

I will write about the following topics

  • Definition of copy trading
  • Does a strategy provider /platform needs to be regulated?
  • Who are the traders
  • How to read the track record
  • Can I copy trade in my current broker account?
  • Is there any latency?
  • Popular copy trading platforms
  • What are the cost
  • Is copytrading profitable?
  • Useful tips before starting
  • Conclusion


After trying hundreds of expert advisors I concluded that it certainly has worked for me. The challenge will remain to beat the market over time. So in case you do not invest with your last money and you are ok with some drawdown once and a while, you should definitely give it a try. The typical time frame to become a professional forex trader you can bypass. After all, the robot is doing all the work.

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