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How it works

Using trading algorithms can be overwhelming for some. Besides a trading platform you will need to have basic skills about the installation of an EA as well as a runnng a VPS. For those who prefer a plug and play concept we offer a Managed account service which allows you to follow the best forex trading algorithms without a VPS or even an EA. All it takes is a broker account with one of our partner brokers. Cost: Eningma Strategies charges a 35% monthly profit fee (high watermark) + the standard broker fees.  Below you can see the strategies performance.

This hedging – trend trading strategy aims for triple digit annual returns and tries to keep DD below 30%. Its fully automated and trades 24/5. Required capital is $5000.

This hedging – trend trading strategy aims for 150% annual returns and tries to keep DD below 30%. Its fully automated and trades 24/5. Required capital is $5000.

what is a mam account

A Multi Account Manager (MAM) is designed for money managers who are looking for extensive flexibility when they are sub-allocating their trades on a single master account.

Advantages of a MAM account

Fast Trade Sub-Allocation;
With this tool, money managers are able to quickly execute block orders with just one click while being under one master account. When comparing this to PAMM which allocates trades based on the percentage of total equity, MAM accounts simply give money managers more flexibility when they are sub-allocating trades. This flexibility is the one feature that has made MAM accounts so popular for money managers that want to trade on the forex market from one master account.

For example, the money manager can allocate trades on a fixed lot basis. This means he or she can set the amount of lots to be traded, tweak the account size, and manage the risk profile of their accounts. Fixed allocation can also be achieved with a Lot Allocation Management Module (LAMM) which allows portfolio managers to manually control the lot size within sub-accounts. This depends on their clients risk tolerance and whether or not they are willing to take the extra risk. Since MAM accounts are so flexible and easy to use, money managers generally prefer to use this type of account.

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Who is Enigma Strategy

Enigma Strategy is a trade adminstrator. Enigma Strategy’s automated proprietary trading system’s have been created by professional financial programmers. We use the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in trading and quantitative finance.

Unlike other providers, we publish our signals performance, and trade live on the signals we distribute. All signals are sent with ticket numbers and closed PIP profit and loss.

Enigma Strategy is a Trading name of Mayfair Capital Limited, (FRN 766642)
Registered in England and Wales. Registered Office: 
52-54 Broadwick Street, Soho, London, W1F 7AH


Trading FX on leverage involves significant risk of loss to your capital.
FX is a complex instrument and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.

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