Big Ben Time EA

Big Ben Time EA

Big benTime EA is a high performance EA , trend following , non-martingale and non-scalping

  • Gain 309%
  • Monthly 10.05%
  • Drawdown 48.82%
  • Days in Live 443

Quick statistics

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This EA will calculate the probable point when the price breakout at that price, Then there is the probability that the price will reach the Take Profit point. And when you open Order, the Stoploss will be set at the appropriate point immediately.


From all of the above. Each order has a clear TP and SL. And do not need to increase the lot to replace the loss order.


For each trade will happen with SL. It will lose money from the balance as the risk we have set. And we recommend that you should not set more than 2% strictly.


And the very few opportunities to loss all money due to the results of the Backtest said “There are 14 consecutive orders with the a maximum loss.” The result is a loss of 33% (case risk 2% per trade). So It may be lose 50+ consecutive orders to lose 100%


This concept and method of EA will make the % win at 45 ~ 60% And if you win, you will earn more profit than losing about 1.1 - 1.2 times. (Also known as payoff, risk-reward) And the picture shows how much risk-reward will make the system profitable for 1% - 99 %win.

Work fast

We have optimized the algorithm to work as fast as possible. And use the least resources So you can choose cheap VPS to save the cost of trading. But do not forget that You should choose a reliable and stable provider.


Choosing a Broker should be a reliable broker. Low spread with USDJPY. And there are ECN accounts which the commission should not exceed $8 per $100,000.


Why open multiple orders without using the martingale method ?
Because we use Snowball principles to make a profit. It will accumulate orders when there is a high chance of winning. It is not a martingale & not hedging.

Why open an order to Buy and Sell at the same time ?
Buy and Sell(short and long) order calculation is not relevant, It is possible to open an order at the same time , which do not use hedging. Most importantly, we have tried to open the order all the way in one direction. But releasing it will produce better results.

Why not setting? There are only risks that can be set.
We experimented with every set of configurations. And what we define in EA is the best. And also reduce the risk of wrong installation.

When the payment is confirmed, when will I get the EA?
Within 24 - 48 hours after you confirm payment. We will send you an EA and guide to you via email.


Our EA service pack is priced in 3 packages as shown in the following table.


  • 1 Real Account
  • 1 Demo Account
  • Boostup & Normal Mode


  • 2 Real Account
  • 2 Demo Account
  • Boostup & Normal Mode


  • 4 Real Account
  • 2 Demo Account
  • Boostup & Normal Mode


BigbenEA will refund you in full when the software is unusable. (And we can prove it.) And Customers will need to test after we sending the software via email within 5 days.



Monthly gain


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Quick statistics
NameBig Ben Time EA
Time frameH1
Lot sizeVariable
Stop lossYes
Trailing stopNo
Min account size$1.000
Currency pairUSDJPY
Demo testingNo
Projected annual profit100%
Projected max DD60%
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