Brazil System Premium EA

Brazil System Premium EA

Brazil System Premium EA is a grid trading strategy that opens trades in different directions.

Quick statistics

Brazil System Premium EA

This trading system does not use any indicators. The EA starts operation opening two differently directed orders. After one of them is closed by Take Profit, two differently directed orders are opened again and their lot is multiplied by Lot Mulitplier. This process lasts until the number of orders reaches the value of Max. Locked Orders. When it does, the EA stops opening locking orders. It will be opening orders in the direction of the available series with the Grid Step value used as a step between orders.

Brazil System Premium EA uses a News Stop Trading feature that will stop the EA from trading during news events. Users can implement news from two calendar providers. The expanded version is provided by the trading panel allowing you to manage the EA settings directly from the chart without opening the settings; added the possibility to cover the first losing order by the profit of the last order.

Recommended currency pairs are:  eurusd, gbpchf, usdcad, usdchf, nzdusd H1 default settings, the minimum deposit is 5000 USD.

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Quick statistics
NameBrazil System Premium EA
TypeGrid Hedge
Leverage1:400 or higher
Time frameH1
Lot sizeVariable
Stop lossYes
Trailing stopNo
Min account size$5000
Currency pairMultiple
Demo testingNo
Projected* annual profit120%
Projected *max DD30%

*estimated by EA developer

For more information you can visit the developers website