Buy and Hedge EA

Buy and Hedge EA

Buy and Hedge EA, trading strategy on the basis of hedging with correlation. (Grid strategy)

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Buy and Hedge EA description

Please do not try to test the Adviser in MT4 strategy tester. It is not possible, because it is multi-currency EA.

We have repeatedly encountered various strategies based on hedging, but in practice, in their pure form, they were all doomed to failure.

With high volatility in the Forex market, it is rather difficult to detect such convergence of quotations, and there is no need to search for any patterns in the movement of two or more currency pairs at the same time.

That is why we decided to create our own automated trading tactics, which will include both elements of hedging and pair trading, using a grid trading algorithm, and a secure system with a high level of deposit protection. (All additional orders are opened with a fixed same lot size , without using lot multiplication (Martingale)).

If the price starts to go against the order, the adviser will begin to open additional orders according to the author's algorithm, up to a maximum of 5 orders for each instrument in the pair.

The created system was tested on a real account, so you will not only be able to get acquainted with the strategies themselves, but also to see its effectiveness of using them on a real account.

The adviser implements the classic pair correlation scheme, which allows an expert to earn about up to 25% per month with a minimum deposit draw-down.

You don't need to have several advisers and several strategies. Our adviser includes several strategies and you can choose for yourself, the strategy that suits you best.

List of strategies:

Twix: Trade is conducted in two pairs. (Low Risk, Minimal Balance up 500$)

Quattro Twix: Trading in eight pairs. (Low Risk, Minimal Balance up 3000$)

Ventiquattro Twix: Trading twenty four pairs. (Low Risk, Minimal Balance up 5000$)

Attention: This type of advisor is not possible to check in the strategy tester since the "Buy & Hedge"  system uses many currency pairs at the same time and it is impossible to check it in the tester. Since the strategy tester MT4 does not allow from the technical side to test many currency pairs at the same time. If you put the "Buy & Hedge" system in the tester, you will see just a fake bot job, a fake job for the tester and the real "Buy & Hedge" algorithm have nothing in common. This is done so that "Buy & Hedge" could get into the MQL5 market.

The expert for MT5 market is in beta testing. Soon I will announce the final version. With the release of the final version I will set a live signal of the work of the "Buy & Hedge" expert.

Advantages of "Buy & Hedge".

1. No cent accounts, demo accounts and other things. Only a real account with real indicators. A signal to monitor - watch .

2. "Buy & Hedge" fits any broker.

3. "Buy & Hedge" does not require installation on a VPS server for quality performance. (optional, I recommend to put.)

4. The minimum deposit is only $ 500 for each .set file and leverage of 1: 50 and higher.

5. Any type (ECN, NDD, STP) and account currency.

"Buy & Hedge" Usage.

1. Before using the advisor, you will need to open in the " market review" all currency pairs "Buy & Hedge" works with (Two, Eight and Twenty Four Pairs depends of Strategy)

2. Open charts of currency pairs and install a "Buy & Hedge" system on each of these charts.

3. All set-files for all three strategies you will receive after payment of the product.


  • The minimum deposit is $ 500.
  • Account type is not important.
  • Leverage 1: 50 and above.
  • Time frame M15, H1, H4.
  • VPS optional.


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Quick statistics
NameBuy and Hedge EA
Leverage1:50 or higher
Time frameM15, H1, H4
Lot sizeVariable
Stop lossNo
Trailing stopNo
Min account size$5000
Currency pairMultiple
Demo testingNo
Projected annual profit50%
Projected max DD10%
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