Econ Power Trader

Econ Power Trader

Econ Power Trader EA is a news straddle trader.  It strategically identifies high impact news for any given day, then will utilize pending orders above and below the current price action.

Quick statistics

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Econ Power Trader Description

With a radical and innovative automated tool that we created that uses adaptive intelligent news trading technology, also known as AINTT, you can now easily navigate the treacherous and unexpected volatility from financial news and world events.

This means there is a finally a solution for you to not only skip losing trades and blowing up your account, but actually thrive by profiting from news events…

A chance for you to easily average 20%, 50%, even up to 100% or more profit each and every month – with minimal risk, low drawdown, and mind-boggling accuracy.

The system will open these orders usually a few days of every week, since there generally are at least 1 or a few high impact news opportunities at least every day or every other day from one country or another.

Now, this part sounds simple right? But there’s two tremendous key elements here and that’s: timing and positioning.  These elements took me many sleepless nights to figure out and perfect.


If you open the pending orders too soon or too late, you risk triggering a trade that really should not have been triggered, putting you at significant risk of losing the trade.  So, it’s important to time these pending orders to open at the right moment.  And if they fail to trigger, they need to close immediately to avoid false trade openings.


When opening pending orders for news trades it’s important that the orders are not too far, but also not too close to the current price action.  This is to avoid false head movements that cause the trade to trigger and immediately hit stop loss, this is no fun, and a lot of amateurs get caught in this mistake.  And on the flip-side, we don’t want the orders too far away or we will miss all the profit if the trade triggers or maybe miss the trade completely.

So, we’ve established how Econ Power Trader sets up for trades.  This requires speed and efficiency, and even more importantly we need the same accuracy and efficiency when exiting the trades, because that is exactly where the money is made or lost.

This is where adaptive intelligent news trading technology comes in handy that we discussed a few moments ago.

We were able to give even more speed and efficiency to the built-in technology by cutting out major DLLs.

This reduces processing time, unlike other trading systems that can get bogged down with inefficiencies.

Now to discuss what happens next – trade management.

Managing Trades with Econ Power Trader

After the pending orders have been open – the high impact news event will typically happen seconds later.

If the result of the news is practically no movement in the market, then the trades will promptly be closed by the system to prevent a trigger of the pending orders into unpredictable trades that can go in any direction – we don’t want that.

Now let’s say the trades do open into active trades because of a strong movement in the market due to high impact news.

The next step is for Econ Power Trader to intelligently manage the trades using its creative technology.  Let’s talk about that now.

The system is designed to outsmart your broker and outsmart the market.  So there are a few tools built in to help you keep your profit instead of give it up like other systems.

  • Tight stop loss usually no higher than 15 pips to 20 pips on average.
  • The take profit usually can go as high as 100 pips or more.
  • Double trailing stop protection: stop loss will be moved up to lock in profits, but just in case broker fails to accept stop loss adjustments, the system will always intervene, and close trades automatically based on trailing stop.

Note: The dollar amount in the image below is relative to account size,
a smaller account will have smaller losing and winning trades.

Average Win: $322 / 18 Pips... Average Loss: $123 / -6 Pips

Best Trade: $2,730 Profit... Worst Trade: -$429

One important point you should notice about Econ Power Trader that you will probably not find in most or any systems is the crazy high reward to risk ratio.

As you know when news happens and when it’s worth trading, there will be a strong movement, kind of like this…

  • Never uses grid
  • Never uses martingale
  • Never uses cost averaging
  • Never over leverages

This makes Econ Power Trader one of the safest systems available on the market.


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Quick statistics
NameEcon Power Trader
TypeScalping News
Leverage1:400 or higher
Time frameM1 – M5
Lot sizeVariable
Stop lossYes
Trailing stopNo
Min account size$5000
Currency pairMultiple
Demo testingNo
Projected annual profit1000%
Projected max DD60%
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