FX Oxygen EA

FX Oxygen EA

FXOxygen EA is a Forex robot that operates automatically 24 hours a day and its only goal is to earn money on your account. With our product you can be sure that you get a reliable and qualitative EA.

  • Gain 121.13%
  • Monthly 13.74%
  • Drawdown 35.89%
  • Days in Live 188

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FX OXYGEN EA description

Highly profitable

Very reliable

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We are tired of watching how low-quality and fraudulent EAs are being created and sold by unscrupulous developers in the Forex field.That is why, we decided to exercise the highest degree of responsibility in creating of our EA:

1. The very first thing, we checked our strategy on a backtest for the last 10 years. After all, if the system does not show good results even on a backtest made for many years, what kind of reliability in real trading we can expect. And we were very successful at this point - the system had shown excellent results for all 10 years.

2. In order not to risk money of our clients and not to release under-fulfilled EA, we decided to first use it for a long time ourselves and trade with our own money. After couple months of a very successful trading with real money, we realized that the main trial had been passed.

Now, when our product has passed all of these tests and trials, we are convinced that high-quality and reliable EA is ready and it is FXOxygen!


FXOxygen robot

1 License for any account

Reliable mode

Licenses for demo accounts

Highly profitable mode

Free lifetime updates

+ Detail user manual. 24/7 always friendly support


We are convinced of the reliability of our EA and therefore provide 30-day money-back guarantee in case of problems or if the trading is unsuccessful!

"Unsuccessful" means you have used recommended settings and our EA had drawdown more then 50% of deposit.



Monthly gain


Strategy type



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Quick statistics
NameFX Oxygen EA
Leverage1:200 or higher
Time frameM30
Lot sizeVariable
Stop lossYes
Trailing stopYes
Min account size$1.000
Currency pairEURUSD – USDJPY
Demo testingNo
Projected annual profit80-100%
Projected max DD30-40%

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