GPS Forex Robot

GPS Forex Robot

$149.00 $99.00

GPS forex robot is a forex trading robot which has been modified and refined in later versions, and today it claims to have a smoother profit curve, as well as some customizable features. It was developed by Mark Larsen and his team of programming experts.

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GPS Forex Robot description

Developer – Mark Larsen

Trading Style – Trend trading, Martingale,  Stop and Reverse


TF (TimeFrame) – any

Broker – Any with MT4

Recommended Minimum deposit – $100

Price – $149  clickbanklogo

Refund policy –  60 Days Money back guarantee (through ClickBank payment processor)



All in all, this forex robot did well in actual trading tests, and has shown verified profitability, with an average drawdown of around 13%, when markets trade smoothly.



Monthly gain


Strategy type

Martingale, Scalping, Trend


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Quick statistics
Name GPS Forex Robot EA
Type Scalping – Trend – Maringale
Leverage 1:200 or higher
Time frame M15
Lot size Variable
Stop loss Yes
Trailing stop No
Min account size $2500
Indicators Yes
Currency pair EURUSD
Demo testing No
Projected annual profit 30%
Projected max DD 5%
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