Happy Marti Grid EA

Happy Marti Grid EA

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Marti Grid EA uses martingale/grid strategy with technical indicators and with News filter. This strategy requires the most attention. Therefore, we used 99.90% optimization in MetaTrader for the best stability and profits. EA Happy MartiGrid uses very sophisticated dynamic step and profit.

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Marti Grid EA description

Happy MartiGrid v1.1 added new setting: Hour_of_trading_from - to: it becomes possible to set the beginning and end times for trading to the given hours.

New update EA Happy MartiGrid v1.2

  • modify the source code in a new MQL4 specified with strict compilation mode (#property strict)
  • new system generation serial number without using DLL. EA works faster in the front/back test.
  • added new settings: ProfitUSD (order commissions and swaps), Newsfilter, NewsFileNum

New update EA Happy MartiGrid v1.3

  • added new settings: News Filter setup with show lines on chart
  • fix calculation lot
New update EA Happy MartiGrid v1.4
  • added new settings: MaxProfitUSD, MaxLossUSD, MaxProfitPerc, MaxLossPerc, ProfitOrdersBeforeNews
  • fix: FFCal Error - Web page download was not complete!

New update EA Happy MartiGrid v1.5

  • added pair AUDUSD and changed the default setting according to new the manual.

New update EA Happy MartiGrid v1.6

  • added a second calendar

New update EA Happy MartiGrid v1.7

  • modified the source code for fast backtest

New update EA Happy MartiGrid v1.7.1

  • new setting Multipairs


Monthly gain


Strategy type

Grid, Martingale


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Quick statistics
Name Marti Grid EA
Type Grid – Martingale
Leverage 1:400 or higher
Time frame H1
Lot size Variable
Stop loss No
Trailing stop No
Min account size $3000
Indicators No
Currency pair Multiple
Demo testing No
Projected annual profit 50%
Projected max DD 35%
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