Metagrid Trademanager

Metagrid Trademanager

Metagrid trademanager is developed to decrease the risk if your trade goes immediately against you and increases the profit if your trade goes the right way.

Metagrid Trademanager description

Ever had this happened? You open a trade and price reverses immediately against you.  Now you wish you had opened the trade only with a small lot size.

Metagrid Pipmanager helps you with this problem!

It can scale into a trade by automatically adding to your winning trades. The more price goes in your favour, the more your trade size will be increased.

If price goes against you, you are only with a small lot size in the trade. But if price moves your way, the profit gets bigger and bigger.

The best of all: Metagrid Pipmanager works with a hidden stop loss, hidden target, hidden pending orders. Your broker does not know the numbers. You are better protected against spread stop hunts.

Metagrid Pipmanager works with the BID price not the ASK price. Only if the candle touches the stops loss you will be out of the trade but not if the spread gets bigger.

Works with any kind of trading style, flexible settings allow tailoring to match your trading style



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For more information visit the metagrid’s developers website.