News Robot MT4

News Robot MT4

News Robot MT4: During the release of economic news, the price can overcome tens of pips only in the first minute after the release. News Robot MT4 is designed to trade on news using market and pending orders.

Quick statistics

News Robot MT4 description

The time of news release can be entered manually or downloaded from

When using pending orders, the EA can work with Stop and Limit orders. Prior to the news, the price of pending orders varies depending on the current price of the instrument. When one of the orders is triggered, the second order can be canceled.

When using market orders, you must first set the condition for opening the order. For example: if the actual data is greater than the forecast, open a BUY order.

To download news, you need to add the address to the terminal settings (Tools/Options/Expert Advisors/Allow WebRequest)

Magic Numbers of the order are set by the EA automatically and are unique for each news.

By default, the robot save a tick history for each news release. It is possible to test news releases on a real tick history in the built-in tester. The test results are displayed in the log and on the chart. Based on the tests, you can choose the optimal parameters for trading.

EA settings

  • Start Seconds - the time for placing pending orders before the news
  • Cancel Seconds - time for cancellation of pending orders after the news

For example, the news release time is 15:30:00, Start Seconds = 30, Cancel Seconds = 15

Pending orders will be open at 15:29:30. If no order has triggered, then both pending orders are deleted at 15:30:15

  • BuyOrderDistance - distance to the Buy order
  • SellOrderDistance - distance to the Sell order
  • ModifyStep - step of the order price modification before news release
  • Lot - lot size
  • BuyOrderTakeProfit - take profit for the Buy order
  • BuyOrderStopLoss - stop loss for the Buy order
  • SellOrderTakeProfit - take profit for the Sell order
  • SellOrderStopLoss - stop loss for the Sell order
  • Use BUY STOP order - ON/OFF BUY STOP order
  • Use SELL STOP order - ON/OFF SELL STOP order
  • Use BUY LIMIT order - ON/OFF BUY LIMIT order
  • Use SELL LIMIT order - ON/OFF SELL LIMIT order
  • Rule 1 - Condition 1 for opening a market order
  • Rule 2 - Condition 2 for opening a market order
  • Trailing - enable/disable trailing
  • Trailing_Start - start trailing
  • Trailing_Distance - distance to the price
  • Trailing_Step - trailing step
  • Trailing_Hidden - hidden mode
  • BreakEven - enable/disable breakeven
  • BreakEven_Fix - the number of pips for fix profit
  • BreakEven_Profit - current profit in pips
  • Save a tick history - Enable save of ticks
  • Start (min) - start recording before the news, default is 5 minutes
  • End (min) - the end of the recording after the news, the default is 180 minutes
Parameters with the prefix "Test_" are used for test news when testing the Robot in the terminal.


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Quick statistics
NameNews Robot MT4
TypeNews trading
Leverage1:400 or higher
Time frameH1
Lot sizeVariable
Stop lossYes
Trailing stopYes
Min account size$3000
Currency pairMultiple
Demo testingNo
Projected* annual profit100%
Projected *max DD30%
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