NY Close Scalper EA

NY Close Scalper EA

NY Close Scalper EA  is a mean reversion strategy around the close of the New York session. It is only designed for symbols: EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURCHF and USDCHF on M5 timeframe.

Quick statistics

NY Close Scalper EA description

Because the EA will trade around the New York close time (16:00 - 18:00 New York time), the GMT time will be different in summer compared to winter (DST: daylight saving time). But the EA has daylight saving times stored internally, so there is no need to adjust the trading hours manually.

Please allow web requests to the following URLs for the calendar news filter and automatic GMT offset calculation:

  • http://fxdata.cc
  • http://backup.fxdata.cc
  • http://breaking.fxdata.cc (only needed if you use the breaking news filter)

For backtest you should use GMT offset 0 (or set testerGMToffset to the correct value) and don't adjust for DST, the EA will do the adjustment itself.

Because this strategy is trading around swap time the spread can be very large. It is important to use real spread in backtesting and not some fixed spread. But be aware that the spread can be very different between brokers at that time.

The EA should be turned off on days of important events, for example general elections in UK, US or Europe!

Be aware that past performance is no guarantee of future profitability (the EA could also make losses) and that optimized backtest results cannot provide a realistic prediction of future profitability.




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Quick statistics
NameNY Close Scalper EA
Leverage1:400 or higher
Time frameM5
Lot sizeVariable
Stop lossYes
Trailing stopNo
Min account size$3500
Currency pairEURUSD, GBPUSD
Demo testingNo
Projected annual profit40%
Projected max DD55%
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