PippySignals is intended for traders who don’t have the time to watch the markets, for new traders who are learning the markets but would like to earn profits while they learn, or for those who just want their money to make money for them hands-free.

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The V5 is a powerful, profitable, and consistent expert advisor (or robot) that executes trades on a single currency pair (EURUSD or AUDCAD) from the 1-minute chart. The V5 scalper yields about 1% profit every trading day and automatically adjusts lot size as your account grows. Even when it loses a trade, it wins the lost amount back and more on the very next trade.

Recommended account size: $1000 USD, £1000, or €1000
Recommended leverage: 1:500 (minimum)
Recommended platform: MetaTrader 4



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Quick statistics
Leverage1:500 or higher
Time frameM1
Lot sizeVariable
Stop lossYes
Trailing stopNo
Min account size$5000
Currency pairEURUSD, AUDCAD
Demo testingYes
Projected annual profit200%
Projected max DD40%
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