Powerful Forex EA

Powerful Forex EA

Feel the power of a really good Expert Advisor!
It is like a sports car instead of hatchback!

  • Gain 498.89%
  • Monthly 15.1%
  • Drawdown 37.02%
  • Days in Live 385

Quick statistics

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Feel the power of a really good Expert Advisor! It is like a sports car instead of hatchback!

We connected our trading account to a monitoring service, so that you could make sure that our statistics is real, and the EA is very efficient. Myfxbook is an independent company that gives you access to all the necessary data from our account.


  • PowerfulForex EA works without indicators. It calculates the entry point by analyzing the movement of the market over the previous days. Also, based on this the EA calculates a take profit.
  • Our Expert Advisor has a very elaborated money management, which will protect you from the losses that you are not ready to bear.
  • The EA is very easy to use. You can start with only $340. All the settings were developed in such a way, so that they could be intuitively understandable even for beginners.


Now it works on two trading pairs: EURUSD and AUDUSD

You will get 1 license for any account and changing account online unlimited number of times and a detailed user manual. Also, all updates are free for you, and our friendly support is always ready to help you.

Smart calculation of trade entry

Safe drawdown control

Very easy to use



Monthly gain


Strategy type

Martingale, Trend


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Quick statistics
NamePowerful Forex  EA
TypeTrend and Martingale
Time frameM5
Lot sizeVariable
Stop lossNo
Trailing stopNo
Min account size$1.000
Currency pairEURUSD – AUDUSD
Demo testingNo
Projected annual profit200%
Projected max DD60%

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