Ramo Bomb EA

Ramo Bomb EA

Ramo Bomb EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor that analyzes the market trend and moves orders based on stop hunting. It contains a smart algorithm to determine the hunting levels based on the latest market trends.

Quick statistics

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Ramo Bomb EA description

  • Account Type : ECN
  • Currency pairs: EURUSD 
  • Time frame : 15 Min ( 15M)
  • Leverage: No limitation , 1:500 is our live signal.
  • Min. Deposit : 100$
  • VPS to maintain internet connection.
  • Low spread : less than 10 
  • Stop Level for EURUSD : Less than 20 
  • Important News :It's recommended for EBC, NFP,Fed Funds rate delete the EA's orders 
  • 100% backtest Quality :Use RAMOBOMB in MT5 


:::::::::::::::Parameters & Set Files:::::::::::::::

======General Parameters======

  • Magic Number : Identifying orders to manage different EA without any conflict ( default 100)
  • Risk Percent: Risk percent (0-100 ), calculate the lot size based on account free margin and Stoploss ( default number is 50  ), LotSize = (Account free margin *(RiskPercent/100))/(MyStopLoss * PipValue)
  • My stop loss: Stop loss in pips (50 pips by default)
  • My Takeprofit: Take profit in pips

======    Auto Lot Size   ======

  • Autolot (True/False) : select true means that EA should calculate based on account size : Lotsize = (( Free account equity) *(Risk Percent/100))/(Margin required for 1 lot)
  • Fixlot: first change autolot to false then set the lot size any time based on your risk manually.

         Note: when you choose fixlot parameter the lot size is not change until you change it.

     ======Trailing Parameters======

  • Trailing ( True/ False) : As default trailing stop is active with below setting , if you choose False EA works only with MyStoploss and MyTakeProfit parameters
  • Change_Stop_level: Decision level for stop trailing ( 5 pips in profit by default)
  • Change_Stop_profit: Stop changing based on change stop level ( 2 pips in profit by default)
  • follow Profit : the parameter sets for stop trailing follow pip methods ( default 1 Pips)


  • NNStrategy (True/False): Added strategy
  • StopLossNN: If NNstrategy is true you can set different stoploss from the other orders ( default 35 pips)

     ======Set GMT offset ======

      GMT_offSet : Set Difference GMT server Offset. Most of Broker and ALPARI is GMT +2

 NOTE: during backtest it's not possible to change GMT offsets so maybe your broker has DST in some part of year in live, but in back test you are not able to manage it. 

     ======Recommended Set files======
  • Using set files for broker with lower spread (less than 7 points) as mentioned below :
  • Low Risk and  Autolot with spread less than 7 points without NNstrategy
  • Low Risk same and Autolot with spread around 7 Pointssame as our signal without NNstrategy
  • Fixlot with 0.01 lot as default without NNstrategy


Monthly gain


Strategy type

Price action


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Quick statistics
NameRamo Bomb
TypePrice action
Leverage1:400 or higher
Time frameM15
Lot sizeVariable
Stop lossYes
Trailing stopYes
Min account size$3000
Currency pairEURUSD
Demo testingNo
Projected annual profit90%
Projected max DD10%
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