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SSA Grid EA is designed for trading Silver (XAGUSD). See for yourself if you prefer the Silver market over the regular FX market.

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SSA Grid EA description

Fixed It' GRID is a fully automated Grid scalping expert advisor incorporating Artificial Intelligence, Elliot Minor Wave Analysis and Singular spectrum analysis (SSA) .

  • Advisor category: AI ELLIOT SSA;
  • Timeframe:  M1, M5, M15, M30, M60 & H4;
  • Trading Time: 02:00 TO 23:00 GMT+2;
  • Risk Control: optimizable equity drawdown stop-loss
  • Market entry method: market order;


  • DisplayInfoPanel - true or false - set to false when optimizing;
  • TimeRangefrom  & TimeRangeTo - the times range the trades are place;
  • Close all at hour: has to be greater then 0 to be active.  All trades are closed at the specified hour
  • magic number;
  • Parameter1 (Elliot Wave Depth) - Optimize from 1 to 300 step 1;
  • AI_turbo - true/false - option to turn on the A.I. filter (optimizable);
  • Balance per lot - AccountBalance (say 10000) / 50,000 = 0.2 Lot;
  • Fixed lot - if this is greater than zero, balance per lot is ignored;
  • Equity Drawdown Stop - 0 to 1.   default is 0.5 which is 50%.  This is optimizable
  • Grid range in pip:   the pip size of the grid
  • Take profit in pips
  • Max Spread

This can be traded immediately using the default settings.



Monthly gain


Strategy type

Grid, Scalping


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Quick statistics
Name SSA Grid EA
Type Scalping Grid
Leverage 1:400 or higher
Time frame Multiple
Lot size Variable
Stop loss No
Trailing stop No
Min account size $5000
Indicators No
Currency pair XAGUD (Silver)
Demo testing No
Projected annual profit 300%
Projected max DD 50%
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