Steve EA

Steve EA

Steve EA trading algorithm is a fully automatic system of investment decision-making designed for executing transactions involving a cryptocurrency in the Forex market. Using technical indicators to analyze the volatility of an instrument in the EA’s algorithm allows the EA to control a high level of fluctuation in quotations of cryptocurrencies.

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Steve EA description

This algorithm makes trading decisions by using mathematical and econometric analysis of price performance: price volatility and trend directionality. Being integrated in the EA's algorithm, its money management system is based on averaging down an open position, which is safe for a trader. The volume of a position to be opened and the number of transactions being executed is regulated by a trader when enabling the EA and depends on the amount of capital provided for the EA to invest and the restrictions set by the broker



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Quick statistics
NameSteve EA
Leverage1:400 or higher
Time frameM15
Lot sizeVariable
Stop lossNo
Trailing stopNo
Min account size$5000
Currency pairMultiple
Demo testingNo
Projected annual profit300%
Projected max DD40%
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