Symbol Switch Indicator

Symbol Switch Indicator

Symbol Switch Indicator allows you to easily change the symbol of all open charts without losing your analysis or template.

  • Easily monitor many symbols with only one monitor.
  • Auto save\load analysis separately for each symbol (including all graphical analysis and attached indicators).
  • The indicator shows the symbols which are visible in your MT4 “Market Watch” window. To add\remove a symbol just add\remove it from MT4 “Market Watch” window.
  • Monitoring all symbols profit with the panel.
  • Works with all brokers.
  • Up to 100 symbols.

Symbol Switch Indicator Description

How to use

Just open a new chart and attach the Symbol Switch, you will see the list of the all symbols in the chart, Click on any symbol you wish to switch to.

Indicator parameters

  • Auto save chart analysis (May reduce switching speed)
  • Auto load chart analysis (May reduce switching speed)
  • Panel Background Color
  • Selected symbol border color
  • Button text color
  • Symbol Switch buttons position on all charts
  • Panel button length
  • Panel button font size
  • Panel button height
  • Panel button font name
  • Auto Fit & Arrange Buttons (Set false for manual drag and drop sorting)
  • Show Symbol mini history on chart
  • Show symbol name on all open charts
  • DE-Select charts after switching
  • Link to Chart Clipper: Chart Clipper users can use this parameter to only change the symbol of selected chart groups.


symbol switch indicator

symbol switch indicator









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