Traffic Pro EA

Traffic Pro EA

Traffic Pro EA is an automatic trading system with a double protection of account funds. Shows consistently high results in several trading modes: scalping/grid/grid scalper.

Quick statistics

Traffic Pro EA description

Traffic © Pro uses unique built-in systems to increase profits and protect account funds:

  • Split - system of closing profitable orders in parts;
  • Overlap - system of overlapping of unprofitable orders with profitable ones;
  • DDStop - loss control system regarding the account balance;
  • Trailing stop;
  • Spread control;
  • Progression - system of using arithmetic or geometric progression for the grid of orders (if necessary);
  • Autolot - system for calculating the start order depending on the account balance.


  • Timeframes: M5
  • Min Deposit: $125/0.01/default settings
  • Default settings: M5 EURUSD

Input parameters:

  • MagicId - unique number of the EA;
  • MaxSpread - maximum value of the spread for opening/closing orders;
  • MaxNumber - maximum number of orders for each direction;
  • MaxLot - max lot for each order;
  • MainLot - first order volume;
  • OnBar - opening orders at the opening of a new candle (true) or when a given Grid level is reached (false);
  • OrderSignal - enable/disable indicators for opening the orders;
  • Start Hour, End Hour - time interval for opening first order;
  • Friday End Hour - the end time of opening first order on Friday;
  • Close Hour - closes all orders at selected hour (disabled if Close Hour<=End Hour)
  • RSI - period, upper and lower levels of RSI;
  • STH - period, upper and lower levels of Stochastic;
  • WPR - period, upper and lower levels of WPR;
  • ATR - period and level of ATR;
  • BB - enable / disable Bollinger Bands indicator for opening the orders;
  • Mode - the mode of calculating the lot value of the first order of the series:
    • ManualLot - the lot value of the first order in each new series corresponds to the value of MainLot;
    • AutoLot - the lot size of the first order multiply increases, based on the ratio of the size of the account funds and AutoLotSize.
  • AutoLotSize - amount of balance funds for each value of MainLot;
  • Progress - switch type of lottery progression:
    • Arith - arithmetic;
    • Geo - geometric;
  • ArithFactor (Mode=Arith) - size of increase in lottery;
  • GeoFactor1 (Mode=Geo) - coefficient of lottery change before opening an order;
  • Grid1 (points) - the distance between orders;
  • Takeprofit1 (points) - take profit level;
  • Takeprofit2 (points) - take profit level for the orders starting from TPNumber;
  • TPNumber - the number of the order, starting from which the take profit value changes;
  • Stoploss (points) - stop loss level for each order;
  • Overlap - enable / disable the overlapping of the first losing order with the last profitable with a profit of OverlapPercent percent;
  • OverlapNumber - order number, starting from which it is possible to overlap orders;
  • OverlapPercent - profit from the last order when it overlaps the first unprofitable;
  • Trailing - enable / disable the trailing stop mode;
  • TrailStart - trailing stop start level;
  • TrailStop - distance from the price to the stop loss in the trailing stop mode;
  • Split - enable / disable the Split mode - partially close the order in the amount of SplitLot after every SplitStep ;
  • SplitStart - Split mode start level;
  • SplitStep - Split mode step;
  • SplitLot - % of the remaining order volume, closed at each step;
  • DDStop - the mode of closing all orders for the current instrument when the specified drawdown level of DDStopValue is reached:
    • None - the mode is off;
    • Currency - drawdown in the deposit currency;
    • Percent - drawdown as a percentage of the balace;
  • DDStopValue - currency units (DDStop=Currency), % of account balance (DDStop=Percent)
  • NewCycle - enable/disable a new series after reaching take profit;
  • ShowInfo - enable/disable information panel, breakeven and take profit levels (disable to increase the speed of optimization);
  • UpColor - color of the buy series;
  • DnColor - color of the sell series;
  • ShowButton - enable / disable button to close the orders;
  • Button color.


Monthly gain


Strategy type

Grid, Scalping


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Quick statistics
NameTraffic Pro EA
TypeScalping – Grid
Leverage1:400 or higher
Time frameM5
Lot sizeVariable
Stop lossYes
Trailing stopYes
Min account size$3000
Currency pairEURUSD
Demo testingNo
Projected annual profit400%
Projected max DD40%
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