Twin Max Mixed DC

Twin Max Mixed DC

Twin Max Mixed DC EA is a combination of two strategies from which each of them proved to be performing well in real trading accounts

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Twin Max Mixed DC description

I want to note that not association of two systems / strategy in one, is absolutely new individual system in which are used an algorithm and logic of all trade as at Max-Mixed_Hedging_DC, and calculation of a signal on an entrance and also the principle of addition of warrants as at Twin HEDGE DC. Also, all pairs (ligament) are completely different from those used in Twin_HEDGE_DC and Max-Mixed_Hedging_DC, which makes this Expert completely individual in all areas, not only in the algorithm, but also in the working Symbols.


  • mixed, pair trading,
  • grid, (but only with hedging),
  • direct (positive) correlation of currency pairs,
  • mixed, multi-currency hedging.
  • + special instructions can be applied that significantly expand the capabilities and potential of the Expert.

When trading, all the correlation pairs are involved at once, and there is a complete interaction between the pairs that are linked by single currencies. The signal is calculated for each ligament (two correlated of currency pairs) individually. Therefore, several ligaments can be opened at the same time, according to different instruments. In case of further divergence of the correlation pairs involved in trading, orders of the same ligament will be added but not more than 5 per currency pair.

It should be noted that the advantage of this advisor is that the safety and minimization of drawdown is achieved by several ligaments in the trade at the same time, which allows a single ligament of pairs to pull the entire trading series on all open orders from the current drawdown, since the profit (for closing orders) is summed up.

The strategy runs on eight different currency pairs;  CADCHF, CADJPY, AUDCHF, AUDUSD, EURCAD, NZDCAD, USDJPY, USDCHF (minimum deposit with default settings: $3000).


  • Due entry into the market with correlation pairs, and also in case of an opportunity to be at the same time in the market to several ligament of pairs (and different currencies), any sharp (long-term) movements are not terrible, since all open positions use mixed hedging and thus minimize drawdowns.
  • If there are drawdowns on any ligament of pairs, they are compensated by another ligament, with currencies not related to drawdown pairs.
  • Very easy to use and, if necessary, customize to your own requirements.


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Quick statistics
NameTwin Max Mixed DC
TypeGrid Hedging
Leverage1:400 or higher
Time frameH1
Lot sizeVariable
Stop lossNo
Trailing stopNo
Min account size$4000
Currency pairMultiple
Demo testingNo
Projected annual profit100%
Projected max DD40%
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