VR Smart Grid EA

VR Smart Grid EA

The VR Smart Grid Expert Advisor is a professional tool for trading grids of orders on financial instruments.

The algorithm of the program is arranged in such a way that the EA uses signals based not on the current price, but on the price of the channel. A special algorithm calculates the channel and the price range similar to the Donchian channel and uses it to generate signals. A special code processes the channel plotted using the Highs and Lows for the last several periods to identify the trend direction.

Quick statistics

VR Smart Grid EA description

  • Seven trading modes, including manual
  • Two types of trailing stop
  • Works on any financial instruments (Forex, Metals, Crypto Currency)

Program settings, their detailed description and program behavior

  • Type trade - operation type, seven options are available.
    • Trade all orders - Auto trading - the EA uses all signals and trades both buy and sell orders
    • Only buy orders - Auto trading - the EA trades only buy orders, sell signals are ignored; this mode is effective during an uptrend.
    • Only sell orders - Auto trading - the EA trades only sell orders, buy signals are ignored; this mode is effective during a downtrend.
    • Stop trade buy orders - Auto trading - the EA gradually stops trading buy orders; this mode is effective during a downtrend to stop random buys.
    • Stop trade sell orders - Auto trading - the EA gradually stops trading sell orders; this mode is effective during an uptrend to stop random sells.
    • Stop trade - Auto trading - the EA gradually stops trading.
    • Manual trading - Manual trading - the EA provides a menu for working with the order grid. This mode allows traders use trend lines to manually specify the price levels for the EA to trade. The lines can be extended along the trend, against the trend, horizontally and vertically. The lines can limit the entry in time. It is recommended to study the video instruction!
  • Type Averaging - Type of order averaging, three options are available.
    • All orders - all orders by type, or sell orders only, or buy orders only
    • Two orders Maximal and Minimal - average two orders, the most unprofitable order with the minimum volume and the most recent order with the maximum volume. This unusual mode allows you to partially close the order grid and thereby bring the take profit value closer to the current price. Please note that this mode starts working only if there are at least four orders of one type, the All orders works up to that amount.
    • No averaging - averaging is not used. This mode is effective when used along with trailing stop and trend trading.
  • Trade only new bar? - trade on new bars
    • Off - the EA does not consider the appearance of new bars
    • On - the EA makes trades only when a new bar appears
  • Trade trend? - trade along the trend
  • Trailing Stop - works if greater than zero, classic trailing stop.
  • Trailing period - works if greater than zero, trailing stop based on the channel of the main signal algorithm.
  • Start lot - initial lot size
  • MM Type lots - type of lot calculation for the order grid, five options are available
    • Start lot - Start lot is used without changes
    • Martingale lot - each subsequent lot is multiplied by 2
    • Fibo lot - each subsequent lot is equal to the sum of the two previous lots
    • Sum start lot - each subsequent lot is increased to the starting lot in Start lot
    • Up lot + Dw lot - each subsequent lot is equal to the sum of the lots of the maximum and minimum orders.
  • Point order step - distance between orders in the order grid
  • Minimal profit for close grid - the minimal profit to close the order grid
  • The profit from the partial position closure - additional mode of reducing the open position.
  • Show Account Info - show the balance status
  • Magic Number - identification number of orders
  • Slippage - slippage


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1 review for VR Smart Grid EA

So far So good !! With manageable drawdown less than 20%. It work as a money printing machine, thanks to it’s averaging strategy..

My only concern was when a big spike comes from nowhere, what does this ea will do??

Does it open new opposite position to contain losses??

Or we have to wait till all things settle down??

Thanks in advance

Quick statistics
NameVR Smart Grid EA
Time frameH1
Lot sizeVariable
Stop lossNo
Trailing stopYes
Min account size$3.000
Currency pairMultiple
Demo testingNo
Projected annual profit70%
Projected max DD20-40%
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