Worthy FX Trader EA

Worthy FX Trader EA

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  • We offer a quick and accurate Forex trade advisory service that improves the decision making process for our business partners.
  • EA should be used preferably on high timeframes and, preferably, in the direction of the current trend.
    Time frame can be use ANY (best work on H1)
  • EA use standard Stop Loss + Take Profit
    Currency pairs major or indices.
    Trading all sessions: New York, London and Tokyo.
  • Worthy FX Trader does not use scalping and hedging to ensure only the best and long term successful investment decisions are made through it.

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Worthy FX Trader EA description

We believe Worthy FX TRADER offers a great reward to risk ratio. The position holding time in combination with an extremely steady growing profit curve makes trading a joy, day after day.

Forex advisers are trader's assistants on the international currency market - trading robots. Without trading robots in our time, no really successful trader in Forex. Our expert is developed by professional traders for automatic trading on the forex market. Designed for use on Metatrader 4 terminal.

Worthy FX TRADER EA Features

  • Lock in profit as the price keeps moving Automated protective stops move behind each candle to lock in profit while the trade remains open
  • Simple To Setup And Use
  • Perfect entry and exit points
  • Automated From Start To Finish - Opens, manages, and closes the best trades for you
  • No need to lift a finger
  • Price plotting creates an accurate road map of where the price has been and where it is going

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms does Worthy FX TRADER EA work on?

Worthy FX TRADER will only work on MetaTrader4 (MT4).

Does Worthy FX TRADER require a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

Worthy FX TRADER does not require the use of a VPS, although it is recommended. Worthy FX TRADER requires a constant internet connection and should be left running 24/7.

If you do not have a good internet connection, and/or unable to leave your computer running 24/7, I suggest using a VPS.

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Quick statistics
Name Worthy FX Trader EA
Type Trend
Leverage 1:400 or higher
Time frame H1
Lot size Variable
Stop loss Yes
Trailing stop Yes
Min account size $2000
Indicators Yes
Currency pair EURGBP
Demo testing No
Projected annual profit 200%
Projected max DD 15%
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