Z Trader FX EA

Z Trader FX EA

Z trader FX EA has professional default money management settings and you can adjust them yourself. Fine tune your forex robot the way you like it. 100% automated trading strategy.

Quick statistics

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Z TRADER FX EA Description

Z Trader FX EA /  MT4 Brokerage Account

Works in a demo or real accounts. Recommended deposit: 1000 USD/0.1 Lot.



Free updates

This strategy does not scalp, nor does it average positions

100% autopilot

Quick installation

Z trader fx ea is compatible with any mt4 broker

Account size from $2500 - with a fixed lot size



Professional default money management settings or adjust them yourself. Fine tune your forex robot the way you like it.

We keep you updated on the latest changes without extra charges and will send you our latest modified forex robots.




Monthly gain


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2 reviews for Z Trader FX EA

独特的算法模型系统,交易EURUSD 良好的资金管理策略,帮助我稳定的实现盈利和资金的增长。它非常好。

Been trading the Z trader for couple of months and I have to say the results are the same as posted here. I needed some help with the time settings but support from these guys was great and the robot trades the way it should. Will mark the first 6 months and be back with an additional review. so far so good

Quick statistics
NameZ Trader FX EA
Time frameH1
Lot sizeVariable
Stop lossNo
Trailing stopNo
Min account size$1.500
Currency pairEURUSD
Demo testingNo
Projected annual profit400%
Projected max DD50%
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