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Are you an EA developer? And is your strategy running profitable in a live account? Then we are interested in your product. Our website attracts forex traders from all over the world and who are interested in battle tested forex strategies.

How it works:
  • Fill out the the form
  • Add your website and track record (myfxbook or fxblue)
  • Each sale will be paid directly through your affiliate link

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To be in the featured section (most popular) with special sales packages, please contact us at [email protected] for more information.


How will you purchase my EA?

We use your affiliate link to purchase the EA.

How can you offer discounts?

We do not sell EA’s, but instead we buy them from developers. The affiliate discount is paid back to our clients.

Can I get a link to my website?

You can in case you link your site back to us.

Can I white label my EA?

Yes, In case you already have a brand name but want to create another, it’s possible.

Are there any restrictions for being listed?

The only restriction is that your strategy should have a public track record running on a live account

Why did you remove my EA from your list?

In case we have doubts that you are the rightful EA developer of the listed strategy, but instead a “marketeer” we will remove you from the list. Also when we notice false information on your website or wrongful claims your strategy will be removed. We play everything by fair rules and expect nothing less from our EA development partners.

Can I list multiple strategies?


How many EA's can I sell?

iForexRobot has a large exposure and works with numerous affiliates and partners throughout the world. Our transparent and fair approach attracts serious traders and partners. If your EA is a steady performer and fairly priced (investment – account size ratio) with good support, iForexRobot will probably buy a lot of licenses each month. Feel free to contact us in case you have any additional questions.

Will you promote my EA?

Oh yes! We are very active on several platforms and do our best to make your sales soar. In case you will be a featured EA the effort will be the most! In case you are interested to become a featured strategy, please contact us.

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