our new “swing robot” tip toes
through the markets
dazzling results using one of the best swing trading strategy.

Swing trading is a trading style that focuses on trying to capture a portion of a larger move. Swing traders will focus on taking smaller, but more frequent gains, and cutting losses as quickly as possible.

This trading style is based on the idea that market prices rarely move in one straight line, and that traders can find opportunity in the minor oscillations. Swing traders focus on the points where a market changes direction, entering and exiting their trades at these ‘swings’. Swing trading is about trading short-term legs of longer-term trends.

So which features does this EA offer:

  • Take profit in total of trades
  • Stop loss in points or %
  • Lot size
  • Max account risk
  • Go long or short or both
  • Spread filter

So what to expect:

This Swing trade EA comes  with common settings and runs on the M15 time frame. The developers expect more time frames to come soon. The pairs that it trades are

eurusd – gbpusd – gbpcad – gbpjpy – usdjpy – nzdusd – audnzd

The strategy is a medium risk EA and monitoring is as always, recommended. But hey, what can you expect? This EA aims for a shocking 20% monthly profit. Now I know what you are thinking, that must come for a price. As regular grid type of strategies there is always a chance to blow up your account during big events. The interesting part of this EA is that it does not enter a trade if prices are spiking. like most grid systems do.  So no surprises in the morning when firing up your terminal. Also for manual traders this can be a great tool and easy to manage.

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To make you a bit more comfortable we did some back tests (based on 99.9% accurate tick data), to see how this EA would hold during various market condition. You can download them below by clicking the link. The period is 2017-2020. Longer periods are available as well.

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Without 99.9% tick data, any back test is worthless!