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we tested and selected the best forex robots in 2017

The truth about forex robots or expert advisors might be disappointing. They are no “guaranteed money makers” and Expert Advisors need, although less than manual trading, attention. Having studied over a few hundred profit thirsty forex robot users, surprisingly more than 75% were changing settings, trading manually or worse, switched off their computer and increased the lot size, reducing their odds to zero! Automated trading means constant monitoring and aiming for realistic targets.

Why using a forex robot?

And save loads of time to spend on hobbies
Greed and fear are your biggest enemies whilst trading. Is an Expert Advisor a better trader? We believe so. No order mistakes, wrong stop losses, wrong trailing stop settings, wrong lot size. But without any doubt the zero emotion is most probably the most important reason why a forex robot is a better and more consistent trader than a manual trader.

So how does it work?
And how can you get involved in automated trading
The only forex robots that can really help you to improve trading performance are those which show verified third party LIVE track records preferably no cent accounts. In other words, track records that are completely unbiased. The first step is simply to get informed. For detailed information about our automated forex trading strategies you can sign up here.
The most popular forex strategies in 2017

And you can review them in LIVE and FUNDED trading accounts
Our preferred forex robot developers have been working for years on their trading strategies and like to believe that they are made for the long run and not to double your account every month, since that is in fact unrealistic. We challenge you to be realistic too and to give us constructive feedback about the Expert Advisers we offer. Monitor them as long as you like or test them for free in a demo account and ask us anything about them, since we love trading as much as you do. Our partner broker is Formax Market, a UK registered and licensed broker.